Bazurto and BS

Today I went on an early morning adventure with Pete from El Gecko.

The bazurta is the market place for locals. Heading out at 6:30am means we arrived when they were unloading trucks with mountains of veggies and the carts that fill the streets with fruits and veggies were being loaded up. The song Who Will Buy from Oliver was ringing in my ears and sometimes I sang it aloud. Such a cornucopia of colors! The people were nice and kind and more than willing to have a photo taken. I always ask.

Our mainsail is still stuck in Bogeta and we hope to find a resolution when we return to the states. Too much to go into. Suffice it to say it’s a nightmare. We have until March 3 to sort it out. And then it gets destroyed. So somehow we will find help.

Tonight we sail to Panama so we can fly home for daughter Helena’s wedding.

200 miles.

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