El Gato is a Catana 472 designed for comfort and performance.

Eric and I are full time cruisers and part time teachers with a new business called Tradewind Adventures LLC.


I started writing this blog when we bought El Gato in France. It’s  fun to share our photos and experiences as we travel and helps us remember all the incredible places we’ve been.  In 2015 we cruised the Med  for 6 months before crossing the Atlantic. In 2016 we cruised the Caribbean and sailed north until we finally came to the states in Miami Florida. We are heading as far north as Maine and by late November we will sail south to Bermuda on our way back down to the Grenadines.

In January 2017 we will continue our teaching charters in the Caribbean. If you are interested in learning first hand how to live the dream please check out the website and contact us. We will be doing a very limited amount of charters and have chosen some beautiful settings. Why not go for the best of everything – a vacation, active learning, and adventure all rolled into one week of sailing.                  You can have it all!

One thought on “About”

  1. Eric,
    Love the site, an awesome way to chill after a challenging moment in the assessors office. Just wanted to tell you that Dynamic Sailing had a dealer plate, thats how I found the business. If you haven’t, please cancel it with DMV. I didn’t know how to contact you…..lol


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