Whales Tales, Lobsta’s, and a NE Charter

Provincetown is at the tip of Cape Cod, “P” Town, and just north is the Stellwagen Bank where whales love to fish. And I mean LOVE!

We were treated to a magnificent show of Fin, Humpback, and Minke Whales on our way to Marblehead. They swam around and then underneath us after we took sails down and motors off. Vulnerable? Maybe… but it was worth it! Afterwards we just had to buy our very own whale carving and he sits proudly in the salon. We rode our bikes around the national park and enjoyed a nice lunch and the street scenes too.

On a short stop in Hyannis before P Town we saw our friends Mike Easton, Todd Ricardi, Christina, Dino, Tall Guy, Jeff, and more racing F18’s.

In Marblehead we visited many friends, made new ones of future Gun Boat owners Seamus and Amy, and enjoyed the hospitality of the Eastern Yacht Club and their pirate weekend of fun and debauchery. Right up our alley!

Paolo and Charlotte joined us for a charter to Maine and we took off for Ipswich, Mass with Tigger.

A beautiful purple beach, which was also a bird sanctuary, was our broad vista with no other boats in sight, and after a long walk we took off for Kennebunkport.

On our way we picked up another stowaway. Normally we have a bird and name it Petey, but this one was named Batman the el bato. He hung fiercely to the jib and when we finally stopped we had to unroll the jib to get him off as we were not sure if he would come inside at dark and eat all the bananas.

Kennebunkport has a very narrow channel and we decided to take a look before dropping anchor outside when the harbormaster reported they could not accommodate our size. The shoreline was picturesque and we found a dock to tie up for dinner. We were squatters for the first time. Walking around the harbor I had my first Maine lobster of what would be a daily occurrence. Had to start out right with a steamed one! Then bought a mug and now am on an independent study of all lobster dishes.


From there we sailed up to Georgetown Island and the Robinhood Marina. Shrouded in fog we picked our way through the jelly bean haze of lobster pots. The views are stunning up here. In the Med everyone said you must not miss going to the Greek Islands. They were correct. On the East Coast everyone says you must not miss going to Maine. Ditto on that!

Our guests have friends who picked us up and took us to Boothbay for lobster club sandwiches, icecream, and shopping.

Our next favorite port was Camden. Quaint with old ships taking folks out for pony rides, the harbor is small but large enough for lots of moorings and yachts of all sizes. Eric worked here on 115’ schooner Mary Day back in his 20’s and has fond memories of the ship and people of Penobscot Bay.

The Camden Yacht Club was hosting an OCC Ocean Cruising Club brunch and we went as we are brand new members and don’t know a soul. You have to have crossed an ocean to be a member and the benefits include port captions all over the US and other countries. We look forward to getting to know some of them and so far the hospitality has been more than gracious. Their Maine cruise starts today so we will join up for a few days before doing our own thing again.

Before I forget, I have to add that even before all of the whales tales and lobster’s, we had a sweet reunion with friends in Hadley Harbor.
Sarah and Brad Cavanah met us on other yachts and a surprise visit with Marshal and Pete Lawson was a bonus! I learned how to find Quohog clams with my toes and Brad happily opened them up for all to enjoy.I decided long ago not to eat shellfish raw, especially filterers. That has all been thrown out the window as we travel to places where you eat them from right next to the place they cam from. Look around, no pollution, go for it. At least I hope so! Anyway, it’s all delicious and I’m up for doing as they say – when in Rome…

Hard to believe we have not been home since January.
The shift is we call this home now and when people ask where we live it feels like a tricky question. Happy we have our San Diego base and knowledge that we will return in September and some day for good. But for sure we are not ready to stop this wonderful great adventure!

If you know anyone who wants to join us on a charter this winter in the Caribbean send them to our newly launched website!


One thought on “Whales Tales, Lobsta’s, and a NE Charter”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your post. Great pictures. What is the name and if you have it, the e/m of the store that carved your whale? Eric, Pam and I were part of a SDYC group that chartered “Mary Day” a couple of years ago. Boy did we have a great time. Owners and crew were fantastic.

    Keep the post coming.



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