Merry Christmas!

Our Gato is on the hard, up in the air balancing on blocks in the IGY boatyard, St Lucia.

While we are home in San Diego California for Christmas to enjoy the holidays with our family, we love that El Gato will be getting some TLC while we are gone.

Waiting for us when we return will be 2 new Kona boards with windsurfing kits and adjustable paddles so depending on conditions we can sail, paddle, or surf! Merry Christmas to us, and to everyone who will play on our new toys when they sail with us!

While we are taking a nice “break” from being full time live aboard’s, it does not keep us from continuing to read and research and make calls concerning our boat and the islands we plan to visit.  The Grenadines are next and possibly Barbados, then up to Martinique, and as many islands as possible before we hit the BVI’s in March.

In between holiday gatherings and festivities, we’ll be putting our sailing calendar together and will post our available charter dates, prices  and website as soon as possible.

Until then, hope everyone stays healthy, happy and remembers to


One thought on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Hi Annie and Eric,

    Thanks for the new post. Your current coverage for,” El Gato” expires on, 12/23/15, don’t worry, have your renewal. Call me when convenient, so I can go threw the coverage with you.

    Many THANKS,


    619-222-2560 (ph)


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