Sasquatch Exists!

Sasquatch AKA Big Foot has been sighted on El Gato!

Some say he is a mythical creature, but others including American Indians, say he exists. They have seen him and on El Gato we agree  as we have evidence proving it.

Sasquatch is frequently described as a large hairy bipedal humanoid. He has behavioral traits including standing very still, expressionless, and staring.  He travels on foot but also is an excellent swimmer. More often than not people have noticed large footprints as evidence of his existence.

On El Gato we have had several sightings by crew members including the one who first spotted him, Lewie Wake. Lewie claims to have observed a large hairy clothes free animal on the trampoline jumping up and down quietly. Lewie believes Sasquatch was trying to dry himself off. Once Sasquatch realized he’d been seen, he disappeared quickly.

Another bit of evidence is that most mornings he can be heard thumping around on the decks before anyone else has risen.  We now know he loves ice as most mornings the ice maker is raided, with ice being dumped into a cooler (which makes quite a racket) and always before anyone else is awake.

This behavior has stopped as we did catch him and waved our arms above our heads and yelled loudly to scare him away. This worked and if ever you find yourself in his company and get scared you should try it.

We also found evidence of his ocean going diet with remnants of flying fish and squid on the decks, again, always in the wee pre dawn hours. That coupled with traces of dirty footprints in a large wide almost rectangular shape lead us to believe he is still onboard.

Someday we hope to capture a photo of this hairy animal but until then, trust us, he does exist!

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