Favorite Island in the Med

Everyone keeps asking what our favorite island was in the Mediterranean. When they do, Eric and I look at each other and smile. Our memories start to go back and then we could sit there and smile for an hour and not say a word. But that would be rude. So we come up with examples. Milos was awesome for the pirate caves and Greeks we met, Bonifacio on Corsica took our breath away as we entered the narrow channel carved between cliffs and a castle above, Sardinia had windsurfing, fish and a friend waiting for us, Stromboli with its volcano erupting every 5-20 mins, Lipori where we drank wine on the back porch with the vineyards owners and they pulled out multi generation photos, Sicily where we climbed a volcano, Ithaca where Homer wrote the Odysey, Keos where we climbed up to ancient ruins dedicated to Athena and Apollo, or was it Amorgos where we climbed a steep stairway on a cliff to a working Monestary?

Those are about 1/10 of the places we visited in the 5 months we spent cruising there. We hopped and hopped as much as weather and guests schedules allowed.

So the correct answer is there was no favorite.

But in fact they all were!

Each island had its own character whether it was Spanish, French, Italian or Greek.

One thing I learned early on was to buy and enjoy what they were famous for. The grocery stores were telling. Just walk down the isles and see that they have a whole row of.  The hard part was then figuring out which one was the best.

French? Don’t skip the desserts! And the cheese? Brie

Italy? Pizza and pasta! Cheese? Mozzarella   Seriously, they had a whole section dedicated to this cheese.

Greece? Meat cut by great butchers old style, Olives and Feta cheese! The feta was in big barrels and they’d cut off a chunk for you.

Spain? prosciutto and baguettes, more olives and manchego.  Not sure I’ll ever get comfy with watching someone cut pieces off a leg, but it won’t stop me from buying or eating it!

Goes without saying that the wines were good in all ports. Finding places that filled your bottle was fun too.

In the states I refuse to drink 2 Buck Chuck. But in Europe finding a good bottle of red for less than 4 Euros is easy breezy!

The other thing we loved about the islands were the people we met both on and off the water.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about!

Monday we fly back to Spain with Betsy and the 3 of us will sail 1000 miles to get to the Canaries.

Betsy will do the 1st leg of the Arc+ with us, but then she has to go back to work. So, and as of this week, Niza will take her place for the BIG CROSSING!  Niza will be our full time cook! Yeah say the hungry sailors!

Eric and Lewie and I decided having someone who can cook who was totally dedicated to that would be the best. That frees me up to be a captain. And even if I am the only one who holds an official captains license, the boys and I are all captains. Any one of us could single hand this yacht if we had to. But we don’t so we won’t.  I mean, why would anyone want to do that? Races, records, I get it, but at the end of the day, when you are doing something amazing, or seeing something spectacular like a whale breach or a sizzling sunset, isn’t it better when you can share it with people you love?

We are blessed to have  a small team of great friends and good safe sailors who are all super excited to share this once in a lifetime experience!!!

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