Freak shows and Shit shows


Shit Show: When things go wrong

Freak Show: Entertainment

Last night was a shit show. Two days after the port took our money to dock for 6 days and recommended a spot near the one water hose, the port police came and kindly asked me and everyone on the quay to move.

Eric had to go to Texas for a funeral so I am home alone. We had El Gato all nicely secure and I’ve had to move twice in 14 hours.

Part one of shit show in Argostoli, Kephalonia. There is a scheduled remote control speed boat regatta this weekend. Scheduled. Ok yes we are in Greece so they didn’t talk about this to each other.  I enlist help from some new Aussie neighbors.   Two young bucks help me move after sunset. This morning starts out lovely with huge turtles visiting. They are tagged and being studied by University student volunteers. Turns out they are waiting for the fishermen. Turtles normally don’t eat fish. These Loggerheads do and maybe because it’s easy with bits being tossed their way.  And they haven’t mixed with the Atlantic Log in 12,000 years. And yes, I spoke to a student for these facts.

Part two of shit show:  fishermen keep turning up and it seems I have tied up Med style (stern tied to dock and anchor in front) right in the midst of where they normally dock to sell their catch. Did anyone tell me not to go here? You guessed. Nope.  Because I was last to leave last night I was in their space.  And I am right next to another multihull but they are just far enough over to not be in trouble. One guy starts YELLING at me, then another boat comes in and almost spears El Gato with it’s metal fittings. And he is YELLING at me. What to do? I pull up the Passarelle (gang plank to the dock), and while I am doing this and it’s obvious I am alone, one fisherman throws off my stern line before I am ready. There is a small crowd watching (shit show or freak show I am not sure) and when I discover what he’s done I throw it back to a man on the dock who starts dissing the fisherman. Who has a big smile and knows he has done wrong. Guilty smile. I have to add he was younger than the other seamen and had the smallest boat and was on the end. Poisidon might punish him but I am not wishing it. Just guessing.  So after I get all the lines up I still have (continued below photos)







  to pull the anchor. Check. Then anchor in a new spot, back in between 2 yachts, and throw lines etc. Done and thankful no wind this AM.

The Freak show: As I sit inside writing and cooking for the upcoming crossings (Moussaka, Carnitas, Chicken soup) all the tourists and locals walk right behind the boat and look at it, take photos, take selfies, and gawk. The USA flag flies proudly and the home port of Point Loma California makes them curious.

We are not special, they gawk at all the boats. Argostoli is a popular destination and we are part of the show – me, El Gato and El Raton (our dinghy). Some even see the humor in the Raton name when they can translate.

What to do when you are part of the freak show? I’m not sure but I have a couple more days so if anyone has suggestions I am open ears.

2 thoughts on “Freak shows and Shit shows”

  1. Thanks for the up-date …. typical freak show while traveling … enjoy it and play some 80’s Disco at night with a sweet light set up and then watch them dance as they come by .. post some pictures ..


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