Doing laundry on a boat can be downright embarrassing

If you plan to spend any time on a boat you will eventually have to wash and hang your laundry for all to see. So bring your best skivvies or be ready for some funny looks.  Best to buy bras that look like bathing suits, and if you want to tease the other boats or passerby, bring lacy thongs. And I don’t mean sandals.  For the men boxers without holes are best.  Whitey tighties? Be ready. We have to hang it all out there. I write this while sitting at a dock and hiding inside from all the tourists checking out our boat, and then checking out the laundry. Nuff said.

After a week with Lucretia joining us on board El Gato, I am alone. On an island. On a boat. In the Greek  Islands. No it doesn’t suck, but I miss my man fiercely. This is the first time we’ve been apart since we started this journey in May. We knew at some point we would have to fly home for something unscheduled. With 5 collective kids, lots of siblings and mates, kids and grandkids, and incredibly wonderful friends all over the world, we are blessed. But that comes with a price if you care. And we do. So while we await another baby on the Gardner side – go Aubrey go! – we also mourn the loss of a great man in our extended family. Eric’s father in law from his first marriage left the planet earth last week. John Sias was a rare gem. And he loved Eric as much as any father in law can – a lot.  We are orphans. Which means we are next. WTF! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note, we will live each day as if it is the last and honor it as if it was a gift. Thats why they call it the present. Gotcha!

Where am I? Cephalonia. Last night downloaded Corelli’s Mandolin. It takes place here so seems like a good idea. We’ll see.

On Monday we start the long sail west. Sicily to pick up our friend Lewie Wake, and then to the Balearics to meet his wife Marie and friends Rick and Brenda Hall.

Meanwhile I will share some photos and then get back to laundry, swabbing decks, cleaning fridges, making to do lists (I can check this one off soon) and looking for turtles who are said to be abundant here in Argostoli.

Still pinching my self for finally getting back to the sea with an incredible person, an incredible boat, and not missing racing one little bit._DSC1324

Dolphins coming!

On our way to Navpaktros then Ithaca


Typical tourist attraction? No one here collecting money, no explanations, and it is supposed to be where Odysseus Palace was.

_DSC1355 _DSC1351

_DSC1367 _DSC1360 _DSC1358

Lunch and a swim on Ithaca.


Ski lessons in warm water is a plus. Cretia got up and nailed it!


The Cyclops lives here

DSC_5015 DSC_5025

Naked people everywhere coninued

DSC_5035DSC_5042 DSC_5037

_DSC1423 DSC_5056 DSC_5080 _DSC1371 Zakinthos and the blue caves


Haven’t tried the goat meat but the lamb is delish!

5 thoughts on “Doing laundry on a boat can be downright embarrassing”

  1. Goat is fabulous! It’s like a leaner version of lamb ~ and I think you should hang some super girly, super lacy bras out on the laundry line for Eric’s return 😉


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