Picasso, a working Monastery, and Classic Yachts

The past week has been one surprise after another.

As we travel along the south coast of France slowly, and choose the next location, we look for a good spot to anchor, look up and gasp.

It’s more beautiful than we imagined, and with all the history surrounding each building we are in constant awe.

Traveling by boat is the bees knees.

No worry about hotel reservations, rental cars and such, and as long as the weather cooperates we are peacefully enjoying each location with it’s new discoveries.

The pictures tell the story.

And in order of places we’ve sailed since leaving Isle Porquerolle, Lavandou, St Tropez, Agay, Cannes, and Antibes. We are back in Cannes hoping to get our water maker up and running. A few more items like more chain (so we can sleep when the weather does get bad) and we should be all set for staying off docks. And rocks.


P1050059 P1050058 P1050090 P1050107

St Tropez

Loved the Maritime Museum at the fort. It told the story of Torpes, and the history of Tropezians and the sea.  To us, even better than seeing the rich and famous.

The Capitainerie (port captain HQ) had a Rolex time keeper which seemed very appropriate with all the super yachts surrounding the port.

P1050078 P1050076

Can only imagine what it costs per night to dock here!


Only clothes, no sails sold here.

P1050073 P1050072



Artist Ivan makes everything with sailboats. Even this dress is made of little gold and silver boats. He wanted me to try it on. 🙂


Maritime Museum in St Tropez

P1050066 P1050065

Looking at El Gato.


Kids everywhere are learning to sail in France. today we watched them put little ones in boats with no sails and they were instructed to stand, switch boats, rock and roll, etc. They have great techniques for making them comfy in a boat without having to learn to race.

P1050105 P1050106 P1050050 P1050108

On to Cannes, but instead of going to the busy ports, we hung out at an island. And right there was a fort and a monastery.  As luck would have it, everyone was anchored on the other side, so we only shared our spot with 2 others!

Swam for the first time (Eric goes in everyday at least once) and enjoyed the coolness. Its really warm during the day but nice and cool at night still.

Took a hike around the island and ran into France, named because she was born when WW2 started. She was full of stories and walked with us until we went to the top of the fort. We love looking down at El Gato! Its like we had a baby. Love being with her, and when we are gone we miss her but know she will be OK without us for a bit. haha

And like a baby, I take too many photos of her. Sorry.  P1050115 P1050116 P1050117 P1050118 P1050119 P1050120 P1050127 P1050126 P1050124 P1050128 P1050129 P1050131 P1050132 P1050135

More of the Cannes atmosphere.

This is Al Mirqad. We are now anchored near them and they just opened the garage to launch some toys. Jet skis, windsurfers, etc.


When we arrived in Antibes, we knew there would be a regatta happening so we set up near the start line of the first start, and then followed the largest class around the course.

DSC_3982 DSC_3988

P1050156 P1050152 P1050145 P1050150

When the races were over we took El Raton (dinghy) into the port and walked the docks.   Saw Doug Peterson’s famous Ganbare that still says San Diego on it, surrounded by wooden classic. Thought that was pretty classic!

Once again as luck would have it, we were anchored directly in front of something amazing, the Picasso Museum, so we went for a visit. And there was a bride and groom having photos done right in front of El Gato. That night we were entertained by regatta fireworks and live music.


In a few weeks it will be our one year anniversary. Has it already been a year? Has it already been 4 since we re-met? YES! And it keeps getting better.

Thanks for reading.

We enjoy sharing this with the people we know and love.

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