Bye Bye Aussie/Irish friends!

Ty and Gina, our new Aussie/Irish friends left this morning. Last night they came over for pizza and wine and some last laughs before taking off for hopefully warmer waters. They bought a new 50′ FP Saba and although Ty has lots of powerboat experience they’ve only had 4 days of sailing lessons until they arrived here in October. Lots of work and a couple of sailing lessons by a local expert later, they are on their own and ready for the adventures that lay ahead. They sailed to Majorca with a captain for New Years and returned by themselves. Well they actually have their dog with them named Moomoo.  At 32 and 26 years young, we are really excited for them. And yes, a little jealous as we wish we were casting the lines off too!  But eventually we will. Meanwhile there’s still plenty to do around here.

Thanks to Gloria Borrego, the most kick ass woman on the planet for boat electronics and practically anything else that needs to be installed or fixed, we now have the B&G system up and running. She and Eric worked flat out for a week and she gave us so many helpful hints and ideas as well as doing a lot of rewiring and pointing out possible future problems Before they happen! Love that girlfriend so much.

Yesterday we ordered new salon couch covers and window screens from the local company called Epure. When we return they will be finished and make the boat so so nice!

One more week and we go home. And until then I am hopeful that we get off the boat and go do some fun stuff. Like wine tasting! We are in an area that and vineyards everywhere and we haven’t even gone tasting? Seems wrong! So no matter what that’s on the list to do. But first we have to get over our colds. Tis the season!

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