Retreating from the Schengen

So after plenty of internet research, friends, and friends of friends trying to help and or give us advice, we’ve learned that we have to go home if we want to come back. The rule is 90 days out of 180 no matter how you break them up and it’s a sliding 180. And it’s not just France, it’s the whole Schengen territory which is most of Europe.

Spent a whole day running from office to office (six total) in Perignan and at the end were given an e mail address. The Catana office helped us write them and we got the immediate response.  Sorry no.

“But you can try to get a temporary residence in France.”  Tons of paperwork and jumping through hoops and still no guarantee. Oh and plenty of fees. And we have to go to LA to do it. Might still try, but for now we will concentrate on getting El Gato ready for summer. There is a reason we don’t see any boats out cruising. It’s been blowing hard and freezing! Today is nice but it is rare.  So different from the Caribbean! Which is something to look forward to next winter for sure!

Until then we will make the best of the situation and see the Med as much as possible in our 90 day windows and it looks like Turkey or another haul out will happen this summer.

For our friends in San Diego, we will see you soon. Departing on February 20th and planning to stay at least until the SDYC Opening Day, April 20th so we can race Crash!

It’s been awesome having Gloria and Lewie here for a short but jam packed visit consisting mostly of wiring, sorting, fixing, and laughing. They are great friends and so helpful and easy to be with. Boats can bring out the worst and the best (small confined places in challenging weather can do that) and these two are in the best category!

If I seem sad, I am a little. But we try and make lemonade out of some lemons and pour lots of sugar in!

The good things are we’ve learned lots, met some really nice people, and are learning heaps about our boat and all the things that go with buying a used one.

One step at a time.  Baby steps towards the great big CRUISE!

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