Wine bottle is the new rolling pin

Can’t roll out your cookie dough that you think you memorized from all those years of making them? Use a wine bottle!  The French do not have all the cool decorative sprinkles that US does but they did have some nice little white and yellow stars. I faked the recipe after wondering if what I bought was baking soda or some kind of cleaner.  Brought my favorite boat cookie cutters from home – dolphin, sea horse, star, windsurfer, heart, and also made a cat and a catamaran. Tre bien!  Gave them to the nice folks working on the boat. Eric tested them first for poison and declared them safe, and good! This is the first year in as along as I can remember that I haven’t made a gingerbread house. Partially relieved as it is a huge undertaking. Traditions can be bent for sure.

The work list gets longer, not shorter, as we uncover hidden treasures like leaks and broken wires, but we still wake up eager to work and fix and make it ours. But we wake up in the dark with no clue of time since it doesn’t get light until 9AM. I kinda like it. Eric jumps out and starts running around uncovering things.  The floor boards, the hatches, there is no stone left unturned for this curious man! And I am grateful. Today he figured out how to turn the speakers on outside so we now have lots of surround sound for the new French CD I bought.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday enjoying life and the people they love.

We are grateful and loving each other, our friends and family and this wonderful place we call earth! Which is covered in water. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wine bottle is the new rolling pin”

  1. so Annie ..You gotta become the bad ass’ biskit’ bitch of the cruising world..I loved those biskits in the Devils Teeth Baking Co .

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