House guests with 4 legs

Yesterday I tried to cook a frozen dish of Aubergine in sauce. Finding it’s quite tasty and much quicker to buy things already made sometimes. Plus an easy way to try things without buying a ton of ingredients. Going to the grocery store is such a treat for me. Goes well with the Eat Sail Love theme. And boy are we eating! The stores are so different and I walk up and down isles mesmerized by the choices and possibilities. I want to bring so much home to show and share.

I used the microwave and whoosh, blew out the power. Which meant no heater for the night and back to basics.  Candle lit dinner with lots of tapas, sliced turkey/potatoes and leeks.  This morning when we pulled the microwave out of it’s nice cubby we found a pile of mouse poop and wood chips. It had chewed through wires to get into the area. So we need another cat!  Good thing the boat has been empty long enough that we hope the little guy left for better feeding grounds. Will look for new poop to make sure. And borrow the dock kitty if we need a hunter to scare our guest off.

Problem with power solved and heat back on. Whew!

The yard will shut down for 2 weeks while we have kids here so good timing. We will be forced to go play and explore! Andora is a country all on it’s own not far from here. That is definitely on the list!


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