Escaping the Cold

March 23, 2021

As soon as the 2 Moderna COVID vaccines were in our arms we provisioned and threw off the dock lines. The first 300 miles took us from San Diego to Isla de Cedros, pronounced Say-dros, a 20 mile island that supports a salt mine and fishing. It was cold, windy, and a fast run. The Newport Beach to Cabo race was taking place as well and Pyewacket smashed the record by 1/2 day. In order to arrive at daybreak and not in the middle of the night we reduced sails down to our smallest jib, no main, and still were sliding downwind at 8 knots. Top speed was 15 with the big jib and no main. To stay warm I constantly put my bean filled long fuzzy bag in the microwave and wrapped it around my socks, legs, neck, torso not in that order but whatever needed it the most. I’m talking cold!

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