Which would you prefer?

Which would you prefer?

When there is an anchorage you can tell which are cats and which are not, especially at night when the weather and seas are not dead calm. The mast head lights that stay put are cats.
Those that gyrate wildly belong to the monohulls. Just watching them makes me want to puke.

Take a look at our list of 20 differences between cats and monococks (I swear that’s what they call them in France but they spell it differently LOL).

1) Speed. Especially off the wind when you can roll out or throw up the big sails like reachers and kites! Speed equates to getting there sooner, or dodging weather more easily.
2) Privacy between cabins. Because they are separated by more than a wall and often by 10-18’ you can’t hear others snore.
3) More space. Everywhere.
Cabin fever takes longer to acquire.
4) When you leave a drink on a table it stays there in almost all conditions. Not that you should drink in all conditions, but you can. Water. Drink lots of water and limeade for staving off scurvy.
5) When the cruising guide warns this harbor might be a bit rolly you can almost always ignore it and anchor as you please.
6) There’s more room up front for watching dolphins swim off you bow(s) and the filming platform is much more stable.
7) Making love on the trampoline is pretty cool with sound of water rushing below you. A remote control auto pilot comes in handy in these cases. This is not recommended in or near harbors, but spices up longer passages without guests onboard. The motion of the ocean doesn’t hurt either.
8) You can climb up a level for a better view without losing balance or going up the mast. Land ho!
9) Entertaining is comfortable – no squeezing in around a cockpit table where once you sit down you are stuck in place, afraid to move lest you make others pull knees up, step on their feet, etc. The cockpit tables are so big on some cats you wish they were smaller! Ours is just right.
10) No need to go up and down stairs to get something. That eliminates all kinds of hassles like slipping, using one hand for climbing while trying to balance the food or drink or whatever, passing things up which then requires someone else to come and get it, etc.
11) It’s easy to climb back on board if you go for a swim. Anything that enables swimming is a big plus.
12) You can anchor closer to shore because you draw less, especially if you have daggerboards.
13) Galley up is common. This means it’s not down in the hulls, it’s in the middle of the boat and on the same level as the outside so the chef can cook, entertain and still see and talk to everyone. Just pass the food and drinks this way please.
14) You can rig a windsurfer sail and lay it across the trampoline, then throw your board over and your buddy can pass you the sail. Some people can do this without even getting wet!
15) You can stow boards and other toys on the trampoline so they are not creating windage on the sides. It’s a cleaner look too.
16) The beds are bigger – we have 2 kings and a queen! “Weaner king?” Translates to do you want to sleep on the queen or king? Inside joke!
17) Storage is dangerously huge. Fold up bikes, spinnakers, Costco amounts of paper towels and TP, industrial sewing machine, art supplies, filters, spares of anything, tools, waterskis, kitesurfing gear, SUP’s, wine cellar, ice maker, library, fishing tackle, you name it, we bring it on if it adds to fun, speed, convenience, and productivity.
18) Having a pet onboard is easier for the pet too. We don’t, and won’t, but meet folks that do and we see the difference. Happy pets, happy owners.
19) If you have back issues or prone to seasickness monocock is much more of a challenge. Healing over, pitching, rolling, trying to keep your balance in rough or even moderate seas could irritate pinched nerves, bad discs, etc. If your inner ears make you seasick, a cat can prevent this. You can still get sick, but it takes a lot more to take you down. Buy a cat if you or a loved one have these issues.
20) The bottom line is yes, the same length of cat vs mono will usually cost more, but it’s worth it!

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