BOFed again

BOFed, pronounced boffed.

Wonder what that means? You have to be a Boat Owner to understand what this feels like. Now you know what the first two letters stand for. Guess what F stands for?  We have been BOFed again.

While it poured outside and snowed in cities nearby here in Ct, we called a very reputable store to get 300′ of new anchor chain before driving 1.5 hours to pick it up. “Yes we have 800′ of that kind and you can buy it by the foot no problem.” Arrive and no, you can only buy this piece or that piece or 400′.  grrrrr This BOF wasn’t terrible’

Try getting your bottom paint removed, then re-painted and find out the kid they hired to sandblast didn’t take anyone’s advice to tape the Gelcoat on the hulls!  We called that an island BOF.  IBOF

Glad I got THAT off my chest!





2 thoughts on “BOFed again”

    1. in these examples it was IGY Marina and in particular Elvis who hired the kid who wouldn’t listen, and Defender Marine who said one thing and did another. Where are you guys?


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