TCI Photo Essay

Pictured are highlights of the past 600NM’s
Today we depart for the Bahamas with daughter Chelsea. 700 islands, most of these small cays (pronounced keys), surrounded by reefs.
Both Turks and Caicos and Bahamas belong to the Lucayan Archipelago which is made of limestone and coral, and the color of the water is stunning. No more volcanic Jurassic Park scenes for us this season!
We are not bordering the Caribbean Sea anymore. Technically we are in West Indies.

Some history. Bahamas comes from Baha Mar = shallow(low) sea. Columbus made his first landing here when “discovering” the new world. Lucayans were the locals before the Spanish annihilated them. A peaceful culture unless made to fight, they gave us many words that we use today.
Avocado, barbecue, canoe, Carib, cannibal, cay, hammock, hurricane, iguana, maize, manatee, potato, and tobacco are all Lucayan in origin.

The TCI’s served us well as a stopping point to drop off Michael and pick up Chelsea, while docked at a small marina called Turtle Cove complete with small turtles. Highlights included catching our first Marlin and learning how to clean conch.  Michael was a nice bonus in helping us sail here after jumping on a flight one day after calling to say hi. Timing is everything!


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