You KNOW you are in France or a French Island when…

The food is delicious! Sauces are a specialty.  For a boat you can buy canned butter. Canned Duck!  Mouth watering creamy yogurts called Frommage Blanc. Wines that are less than $5 and boxed wine that is actually quite tasty. The outdoor markets with fresh food and spices are always entertaining and good.

You know you are in France when you are at a restaurant and it takes forever to get your food because the waitress sat down for a smoke (or two) and a coffee. The people next to you are smoking too.  This was yesterday.  After 40 minutes I left.  They might not have even noticed.  I ordered a salad.  LOL

The women smell wonderful, their hair is always perfect, and they wear the smartest clothes and accessorize with small beautiful things.  

The workers can do anything, and do it really well, but not now.   Maybe next week, maybe not. It might be another holiday. They have so many that in St Pierre, Martinique that in the 1800’s they had to limit them to a possible 10, then a mandatory 10. In France, the country, the kids get a week or two off from school every 6 weeks. Plus Christmas, Easter, summer… They love their time off and family comes first. Vacations and family come first. It’s not a bad concept! 

The law in France unless you own the company is a worker can only work 35 hours a week. Eric and I work about 80.  

Almost everyone has taken English classes but very few speak English. If asked, they all say “a little”.  Since French is not required in the USA we are almost even.  

The boats are well built and designed. Ours is made for crossing oceans and has proven itself not only capable but superbly comfortable as well.  The French saw the details and we love them.

The kids are out in little sailboats when they are old enough to go to school. 20 knots? Still out there.  No wonder the French lead the way in round the world high performance wild designs and races. They learn early, with their friends, and have fun.  Weather is all part of it. No scaredy cats. 

We love what we’ve learned by living in France for 4 months and then cruising there for another 2. And now we are visiting French Islands so it’s a bit of Deja vu. Martinique is our first French Island on this boat and this season.   Soon we will visit St Martin which has Dutch and French sides. They couldn’t be more different.  

I have our French for Cruisers handbook on the table ready.  

Today I will go provision for our first charter.  

We will eat well,  that we can be sure of!!




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