What’s in a name?

Since we’ve arrived in the Caribbean, we have met some very colorful folks, and their names reflect their personalities. Vision: he and his wife do varnish, believe in the Rasta religion whole heartedly. Romeo and Juliet: they cooked our scrumptious meal on a beach in Tobago Cays, they are friendly and easy on the eyes.  Mr. Quality: brought fresh baguettes to yachts this AM and told us he was in the cruising book with a big smile (proud of his work), Marlin: owned the horses we rode on St Lucia, and said next time we come he will cook for us a nice BBQ at his house! Fiber: did the fiberglass repair on our daggerboard, Elvis: was missing and subcontracted a kid who did a disastrous job sandblasting our bottom paint off so no wonder Elvis was missing.  Jah Marley: picture the complete Rasta stoner on a tiny leaking wooden boat trying to sell anything to anyone – we gave him a beer to pick up some trash floating by.  Niza thought he only had one leg so we really felt for him until one day we saw two. Lol. Then there was Bushman: he enticed us to come eat at his restaurant on Eric’s birthday. Where was it located? In the bushes!  

Restaurants have names like Delirious, Rainforest Hideaway, Razmataz, Jambe de Bois, Driftwood, the Frangipani, and the best one so far, Whaleboner! That story is a good one and will be told in next blog. 🙂
And boat names?  Romeo had his name plastered alongside his boat, Sparkles does laundry service, Never Never Give Up fishes and cooks, One Love, More Fresh (selling fish and lobsta), Neptune, Pablo Step Pan Dem (no clue), Handyman are just some examples of the locals power skiffs that are quite colorful. 

We are on our way to Bequia and could not be more excited. Eric is trolling with three lines and we caught at Baracuda and threw him back. Here’s to hoping we catch something for dinner! 


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