Sailing down the East coast of Sardinia was spectacular!
First stop was Santa Maria where the water color was as blue as it gets.
We settled into our spot and then watched as the “trippers” continuously arrived and departed every 1.5 hours.
We then sailed to Liscia and discovered we were in kiting and windsurfing heaven.
The super yacht neighbor had all the toys.
We all rented boards at porto Pollo and thoroughly enjoyed the ambience of the locals on the beach who are passionate about summer and sailing. Windsurfing is NOT dead!

P1050373P1050375 P1050382 P1050383

Couldn’t leave without a day trip to the big island of Maddalena for lunch and food supplies!

P1050391 P1050392 P1050394 P1050399

That night we found Phi Beach.  Same place Annie’s been to for super yacht parties and was a miracle we stumbled up on it. Raised the ESL flag!


Watched a flying dinghy do touch and go’s next to us?


Then Marco shows up and says what time would you like a ride in to the beach? We say after dinner, around 9 please. And how much is the mooring? Free!


He hovers at 9 until we are really ready. And now that we have lived in Europe for awhile we know 9 does not mean 9. He is patient…


Beautiful Claudia greets us at the dock with a big white book to persuade you to buy into the roped off area. We gently skirt that by saying we will have a drink at the bar. Cost for 4 mojitos which BTW were wonderful? 60 Euros. There is no free lunch!


Met a character who is building a resort next to Phi with hair braided down his back, a huge medallion on his chest, and stories galore. Also 2 British young ladies on holiday. It was a treat to be able to communicate with people and not struggle with language.

Next morning we sailed south all the way to Pta Frails. Beautiful downwind sail with spinnaker, catching fish, and enjoying the scenery. Thank you Platt for cleaning them for us!!!

DSC_4117 DSC_4119

Lunch? Tuna tartare of course! Dinner? Sashimi and fish steaks. Mmmmm Next day spent hiking and found a resort tucked on the tip of the coast with beaches entwined in boulders

.P1050420 P1050422 P1050424 P1050426

The next day we left for the 2nd half of the coastal slide.

Landed in Pta Molentis and awoke to a herd of tourists on the beach in front of us.  The best part was watching the fishermen clean their catch for the little restaurant on the beach.  Eric and I rode our bikes up the hill to see the view and watched as cars were lined up to get to this beach.  Summer has arrived!

P1050436 P1050441 P1050444

Sailed to Capitana Beach and Pietro Porcello SUP’d out to greet us!

A tour of his house, sunsets and vino on his roof, and horse back riding the next day overlooking the harbor with our guide Abba, Nancy and Annie.P1050456 P1050461


Then Pietro picked up the Forgraves from the airport and the Johnsons moved to his house.

The Forgraves came from a Roman Holiday!


Big dinner party to celebrate the crew change and Pietros wonderful Italian hosting. A new record on board with 12 when Pietros kids joined the fun!

DSC_4136 (1) DSC_4137 (1)DSC_4138 (1)DSC_4139 (1)

Handsome husband sporting his first whiskers in his entire life! Kinda sexy no?


Beautiful young Carly.

Windy day and we picked up a windsurfer from Pietro’s collection with Eric swimming in and sailing out. Gusts to 22 kts! Full main and El Flecko (opposite of El Gordo in Sardinia so not sure if it was lost in translation but we like naming our sails), the tiny solent, and we were off!

We managed to get the board, sail and Eric onboard safely.


Up to Viilasimius for the full moon…

DSC_4171 (1)DSC_4169 (1)

and the Forgrave’s first night at anchor onboard. Very peaceful…

Marci brought Cryptonite!

The customs missed that one.


and the next day back to Isle Cavoli for a swim, lunch, and naps!DSC_4173 DSC_4174 DSC_4175 DSC_4176

Porto Giunco was next. The boys swam ashore for exploration of a fort, and for more fruit.

That evening we enjoyed the almost full moon again, followed by a beautiful sunrise. Eric and I woke up early to run ashore and climb the hill for photos.

DSC_4178 DSC_4179



Early bird special!

We definitely caught the worm!

Yesterday we arrived in Cagliari which is the capitol of Sardinia.  And it was the 4th of JULY!!!

We had THE BEST taxi driver on the planet!

He blasted American tunes and we all sang at the top of our lungs as he drove us to the top of the old city to a castle. Windows down, he totally let freedom ring for us!

The dinner was in a grotto with all kinds of lovely foods. The walk home through the streets at 1 AM? Busy! Everyone out on the streets, even little kids.

That is one 4th of July we will all remember!

On a more sober note, we love visiting Europe but very much appreciate our society back home. It’s not perfect, nothing is, but it’s pretty darn good compared to other places that’s for sure! Our dad’s fought for our freedom in WW2 and so even though the 4th is not about that, it does make us proud that our father’s were committed to our country and keeping the world safe.

Off the dock now and back to the sea!

On Thursday the Forgraves leave us for California, and Eric and I will sail solo to the islands above Sicily and then through the Messina pass to pick up Christy Radecic.

Sail ho!

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