Calvi, Corsica, Christopher Columbus, and the Johnson’s

Backtracking first. VilleFranche was very beautiful. But Eric and I also found it extremely challenging to anchor there. Grateful we marked our chain and added more because the stray cat day turned out to be nothing compared to the morning we woke up to 40 knots and lightning.  We were 2 boat lengths from the rocks with pelting rain and full engines to keep off. Long story with a good ending.  We survived.  And are constantly being reminded  that Mother Nature rules, and we can never be too prepared. For anything.

Meeting new friends Suzanne and Brian from San Diego but now live in Nice was the bonus.  We have mutual friends Rags and Cathy and invited them aboard to meet and greet and hopefully gain some local Med knowledge.  They have an ocean crossing power yacht that they brought from San Diego a couple years ago. It wasn’t the plan, but they decided to stay.  Super people.

The Johnsons arrived on Sunday and we shuttled them aboard and decided enough of the VilleFranche dramas, let’s go to Cap Ferrat around the corner. Another beautiful view, and now we could share this journey with others.

The next AM we sailed to Cosica departing at 5:30.  Conditions were perfect.  10 knots on the beam increasing all day up to 25 upon arrival. We had Dolphins playing with us for an hour and Nancy and I went up to the bow and watched them swim in front of the bows and jump. It’s so cool to lay on the trampoline, hold the Martingale, and feel the waves lift you up and down while seeing the water and mammals play under you.  That was a first on El Gato and it was awesome.

Then while talking to Platt I noticed  a grey streak on the horizon. Whales! We all saw their exhales and I for one had no idea there were whales in the Med.

When we finally saw the mountains it was like discovering land and felt very special. Especially since none of us have ever been here before, and had no idea what we would see.   Magestic.  And the peaks have snow!

Platt Hoisting the Corsican flag
Platt Hoisting the Corsican flag
No Swimming
No Swimming

Christopher Columbus was born here. Some say Geneva, but we hiked and found his home, and there are hotels and plaques and statues honoring him here. So I vote for Calvi Corsica, also spelled Corse, for his birthplace.

Last night Platt cooked lamb stew and we all sat on the back porch with a front row view of the Citadel all lit up and twinkling. Toasting our good fortune and loving and appreciating life, we are a happy sailing group ready to explore and see what we will see as we travel south.

Today we depart for Porto, about 25 miles south.  It’s sunny and looks to be like a fun sail in 20 knots.

Morning view of Citadel
Morning view of Citadel

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