Tramontana’s and locals

We’ve been blessed with good weather until now but it’s not so bad. Only saw 51 knots so far.  We’re still on the dock but happily so when it’s blowing this hard!

Yesterday we had a treat. Heard a band playing and jumped on the bikes to go see pirates on boats play fighting on the harbor. Rode around to the other side and found a small festival with a band, booths, and folks selling their old boat gear. We bought a fishing pole for our reels and a really cool lamp made of driftwood from the local beaches. The best part was watching Eric run with the fishing line at the direction of the fisherman selling us his carbon fiber rod, and teaching me how to reel him in. It was hilarious. picture people walking alongside the boats and Eric weaving in and out as he got closer to me.  We spent an hour with the locals drinking the red wine and trying to talk between English, Spanish, French and Catalan.

Good news too. We got the Bill Of Sale! In two weeks we should be documented!

The first guests will be Nancy and Platt Johnson. We’ll head to Corsica and Sardinia.


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