10 Days and counting

Long Term/Short Stay French Visa’s approved and arrived?  Check!

Boat finally in our names?  Check!

Taxes for 2013 and 2014 done?  Check!

Weather improving?  Check!

Off shore sewing machine arrived?  Check!

New graphics?  Check!

While we have enjoyed the San Diego climate (who doesn’t?) and seeing family and friends, small cats that race and small cats that cuddle, we are packing for our third and it looks like our final trip to France before shoving off the dock.

When we started this journey we had no idea we would be cruising the Med before crossing an ocean but isn’t that how life works? We have embraced it not without some setbacks and frustrations due largely to the place where the boat is kept.  The workmanship has been great. The timeliness is worse than we could have ever imagined.  But the end result means we had more time to really prepare for leaving home and setting sails.

What’s next? We depart May 4th and arrive the 6th (yep, cheap tickets can be 2 overnighters) and hope like mad that we can get out of Canet ASAP and head towards Italy.

The work on the boat is not finished but we told them we would do it ourselves thank you very much.  So grateful Eric is McGiver!

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