Skiing the Pyrenees

Eric and I flew home yesterday but we wanted to do one more post.

Claude took us on the ancient train to Font Romeuo and one of the best bits was the market right at the bottom of the ski slopes.  No veggies or fruit but tons of cheese and dried meats and wine with other goodies sprinkled in like leather bags and knitted hats.  True Catalan style, the cheeses are made by local farmers and the sellers at the market customize them to sell under their brands.

One of our favorite things to try was Aligot, a mixture of potatoes and a special cheese. We bought some, then bought the cheese and made it on the boat. Wow…Never thought of myself as liking potatoes but I do now!

DSC_3545 DSC_3558 DSC_3543

The skiing was crowded as we learned the French kids were on vacation for 2 weeks. Yep. They take 2 weeks off for every six weeks of school. Explains a lot. Including the reason we still don’t have the customs papers for the boat and why we had to leave because we ran out of Schengen time.  The French know how to take time off, relax, and no worries.

But back to the last week.

The snow was nice and it was an experience to ski in another country where no one is speaking English.

Now back to the food.  Here are some more photos of the things we saw, tasted, bought, or coveted.  Gonna miss the food! And Eric says my figure is still all good. Whew!

DSC_3529 DSC_3539 DSC_3506 DSC_3521 DSC_3548 DSC_3519 DSC_3537 DSC_3522 DSC_3505 DSC_3488 DSC_3498 DSC_3559 DSC_3535 DSC_3499 DSC_3536 DSC_3514 DSC_3517 DSC_3500 DSC_3526 DSC_3495 DSC_3538 DSC_3497 DSC_3532

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