It’s Winter!

The decision for many to bolt south to the Caribbean is becoming more apparent now.

It’s cold!

And too windy to sail if there is such a thing. I dreamt about sailing in a Formula one type boat last night which was probably due to the wind howling.My imagination had it low profile and feeling like an ice boat which I’ve nevers seen in person. My record for speed was 50 knots. I was 8th place in the overall results (not so bad for being new to it I thought). Woke up sweating!  Speaking of sleeping, our cabin is so cozy that when we pull the shades it feels like a coccoon. In fact that is our new term for me sleeping in which I seem to do a lot these days. Coccooning. The sun rises late so even with shades pulled we are not aware how late it is compared to home.

We’ve seen over 50 knots and today so far a measly 42.9 kts. Locked to a dock. Which feels nice and safe for the time being.

The lower shroud was removed to be inspected and replaced. Good timing.

Last night we had Tule and MaryEllen here for dinner and the young Aussies Gina and Ty dropped in on their way to the Casina. Yep there’s a casino on the beach but we haven’t bothered. We are not big on gambling. :-0  Tule has done work on our boat and it’s fun to meet locals who are French. We’ve also made other new French friends with Michella and Patricio down the dock who live on their Lagoon 38 (cat). They learned to sail last year and bought a boat. The Aussies on the other hand bought a boat and took a four day sailing class to learn. They have a 50′ Saba (cat). The stories are amazing. We look forward to telling ours someday. For now it’s still the journey to the journey.

Today we will get in the old green Catana truck and try and go see some things. Going to pull ou the map and close eyes and point and go! Otherwise I might go stir crazy!

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