Change of Plans!

“You guys are in the Med. And why are you leaving?” “Have you two thought about staying there and cruising before crossing the Atlantic?”  ” Why are you rushing back to the Caribbean when you are in the Med?”

There were lots more but we thought we had a good plan. Then life has a way of changing them. With no customs papers (yet) and our radar and chart plotter stuck in customs, friends waiting and waiting for us to know when we would cross so they could buy tickets and plan their own schedules, we started wondering.

Then we talked and made the call. Let’s stay!  So we are! And it feels right. In a really good way. No more stress of wondering if the boat will be ready, will we have everything and know how to use it, etc. The lists are still long and now we can do it all at our pace. Not under pressure.

Next step? Buy all the cruising publications and chart our way around the Med. How cool is that???


5 thoughts on “Change of Plans!”

  1. YEA!!! I think you will find so many happy New Favorite places!! And you just may need some French crew? Voulez-vous depart avec Mo ce soir? ;o)


  2. So, Annie and Eric, pardon my French but, “Duh…” So happy to hear that you are up for exploring the region on and off the water. Interestingly, I have a wonderful friend who used to have her own cruising yacht and she is asking about charters on boats based across the pond. I shared this site with her and I am wondering if you can post some accommodation/sailing performance specs and interior shots. Hey, let the good times roll eh? We’d love to learn more about Senor sailor, El Don Gato! Enjoy and keep sharing! Love from Di


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