The beginning – Canet en Roussillon, France!

El Pato will soon be El Gato!

The previous owner is Italian and must have loved ducks.

And as much as we think it’s a good name, and ducks love the water, this IS a catamaran, AKA a cat. And some cats love water too. Like our cat Squeezy!

So once we get the G figured out we’ll remove the necessary P’s and do homage to Poisidon.

Complete with champagne (from France, not just sparkling wine) and the required dances and costumes. Evidently there are rituals to keep the bad luck away and to fool the water God.

Not that we believe any of it but just in case. Kinda like being baptized for some…

So one week into this grand adventure and we are so happy with our purchase. It took a year of looking, another year of hoping, and now we’ve arrived. In France! Funny how you think and hope, but it’s not good to have too many expectations. Like where to start this journey.

So the plan for now is to keep prepping and installing, fixing, updating, and make her not only a sweet boat to cruise on, but also a comfy floating hotel. Because we plan to do some charters once we get settled and know enough to take care of others too.

I have my 100 ton license and Eric can fix anything. Between the two of us we figure we can host others and have a grand time doing so.  Something out of the ordinary will be the plan. Hence Tradewind Adventures. Learn about the cruising lifestyle and how to sail a big cat with experts. Eat well, Sail fast, and Love doing it!  ESL has a new twist.

8 thoughts on “The beginning – Canet en Roussillon, France!”

  1. Annie, check with Latitude 38s past issues…somewhere you will find the “denaming, renaming ritual” On my boat I remember that involved removing all vestiges of the previous name, lots of champagne (for the bow too, most just the crew).. and as many people as you can fit in the cockpit.


  2. Hi Annie and Eric from Diana and Eric. Actually I’m in Chicago with my mom and we’re in the eat drink and be merry mode too. Loving your storytelling! Best of luck with your kitty-Cat as we enter a new and exciting year. I’ll follow the blog and we love that you’re keeping us posted. Meow and how!


  3. Annie and Eric, I’m trying out leaving a post on your new blog. I love your story-telling! it’s exciting and we’re definitely following you. Currently I am in Chicago with my mom and we are definitely in eat drink and be merry mode. Wishing you the very best as you enter an exciting new year with your kitty-Cat! Meow and How 🙂 Love & Cheers to you both from Di


    1. You are reminding me of when I was little and spoke to me in Spanish! But I do understand a couple of your words. It’s fun but I wish I knew more! Eric’s son will help us soon. 🙂
      Merry Christmas!


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